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Take your medication easier - for people with difficulties swallowing pills

Medidos 4 - in 1 Pill Crusher/Spiltter

4-in-1 Pill Splitter is a high quality product with stainless steel blade. It is an effective way to cut, store and mash the pills.
To cut: You open the lid and put the pill into the correct position, then close the lid and press down
To mash: You unscrew the bottom of the unit and put pills into the compartment. Screw back on completely
To drink: You are able to use the pill splitter as a drinking cup in order to swallow your pills
To store: It is possible to store pills at the top of the pill splitter

Trade (Ex VAT) : £2.27 each
Retail (Inc VAT) : £4.96 each
Pill Crusher with Pill Container

Take your medication easier! This unique three piece tablet powdering device crushes tablets into powder effortlessly for consumption. The smooth grinding surface ensures that none of the medication becomes impacted into the grinding surfaces so there is no loss of medication.

Simply place your tablets into the container, screw the crusher cap down tightly against the tablets then rotate the crusher cap back and forth to crush the tablets.

Ideal for people who experience difficulty swallowing pills.

Trade (Ex VAT) : £2.95 each
Retail (Inc VAT) : £5.29 each

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