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  • Blair Atholl
  • Perthshire, PH18 5TL
  • Scotland, UK
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Obviously most of our customers are wholesalers who deal with the public but we do receive letters of thanks from customers who are very happy with their purchase.

"I take 23 pills a day, Medimax is my lifesaver"

"I use Medimax all the time as I take 23 pills a day to stay alive. It is also a lifesaver when I go away on holidays or for a weekend. All my bottles of pills are somewhere in my luggage but my Medimax is in my bag. My pills, and without them I would die, are with me all the time - in my Medimax."
D Jones, Clacton

"I know at the end of the day when the daily dispenser box is empty that I have taken my tablets. It makes me feel good."

"I use Medidos to take vitamins. Every Sunday I fill each daily dispenser box with two St John's Wort, two multi-vitamins, one cod liver oil, one Q10, two Vitamin E, two calcium and two kelp. It saves me opening each box or jar of pills every day. Before I could only take my tablets at home. With Medidos I can take them at the specified times after a meal or when I want to. I know at the end of the day if the daily dispenser box is empty that I have taken them. It makes me feel good."
Pete Williams, Pontypridd

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